History and tradition

Masters chocolatiers since 1881

More than 130 years dedicated to produce the best chocolate. Read the story of Valor Chocolates, from our beginnings to the present, all the important moments that have made us grow, improve and evolve.

Shall we begin?


Everything starts here

Don Valeriano López Lloret, a respected " man of reason" of the village, began the "Xocolater" office and starts the activity that will result from the current company.

Don Vicente López Soler´s son, Don Valeriano López Lloret, is in charge of the familiar and home made chocolate activity and he also continues with the agricultural activity.

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Sales expands

The company went from hand-grinding to a horse-powered gin mill and later on to Diesel power.

The products were sold in other villages and provinces. The sales were no longer made directly with the consumer families and then a new trade began. Valor Chocolates bought the first motor vehicle, a Chevrolet pickup, which carried about 1,500 kilos and that replaces the traditional carriage drawn.


The electricity arrives

The electricity arrives to the Ermita. Valor Chocolates not only employs family members but others employees.

During those years, all our chocolate factories are under raw materials quotas and contingents and the sales are controlled and canalized by the Supplies Commission. Valor could be developed because its quotas were small.

This is the logo that Valor Chocolates used in its beginnings...


Valor keeps growing

A factory was rented in Torrellano to continue with the market growth.
Another new plant factory was built in Villajoyosa and in 1964 the whole machinery that was in la Ermita was moved to the new factory.<br /><br />This fact not only increased the production but also improved the quality and completed the range of chocolates.

New chocolates were created, like the "Rombo" or the "soy diferente" line, still registered, which marks the distinctive Valor spirit.

Zambita is one of the brands that Valor Chocolates used in its origins


Valor adopted the quality strategy and launched to the market the "pure chocolate" or Chocolate Puro that has become the brand emblem. For its production, vegetable fat as cocoa butter substitute is not used. The first mould and demoulding automatic equipment ("automolda") was installed.

The factory went on with its modernization and increasing its production capacity, more than 10,000 kilos per eight hours day. In 1973, Valor is transformed into a public limited company and continued with its unusual human dimension, an extraordinary capacity for work, a full dedication for the company and a special concern for the quality.

1976 – 1995

The board of directors increased and an agent chain was established all over Spain, betting on the Great Distribution that began to transform the Spanish food panorama.

In 1981, the centenary of the company was celebrated at the hotel Montíboli in Villajoyosa, holding emotional tributes to Don Pedro López Mayor and to the manager, Don Antonio Galiana.

Year after year, new factory extensions were done. The trade expansion was monumental and required a complete restructuring and expansion of the manufacturing plant.

Valor also started the bonbons merchandising and the exportations to some South American and Asian countries like Argentina, Venezuela or Japan.

In 1995, the new 22,000 square meters expansion opened, in which includes treatment cocoa premises that process the grain to make the mass. This way, the company creates the mass instead of buying it already made.

Valor Chocolates´s factory with twenty-two thousands square meters

2000 – 2005


Valor began a historical evolution in its communicational line, betting on the "pleasure" concept. The logotype and the packaging were modernized. The first spot that showed this change was "Puro placer" or "Pure pleasure" which was followed by a series of advertisements with the slogan "Placer adulto" or "Adult pleasure" that disassociate the traditional chocolate with the children´s sector.

In 2002, the 500th anniversary of the cocoa discovery was celebrated. In collaboration with the BBVA Quetzal Route, a series of events to commemorate the event were held.
Valor started an exciting adventure with the launch of the Valor Usa commercial branch that distributed the product in Central and North America. After 3 years of investigation, Sugar Free chocolates were launched, with an identical "bouquet" to the traditional formulas, which has a great reception and its production expands.

The visit of Their Royal Highness the Prince and Princess of Asturias


125th anniversary

The Valor Chocolates 125th anniversary was celebrated. The facilities in Villajoyosa were visited by Their Royal Highness the Prince and Princess of Asturias where a new chocolate art gallery was opened.

Home made bonbons line expanded to meet the increasing demand and the Valor bet on the Author bonbons, high and new bonbon confectioner range.

125th anniversary


The expansion continues

The Valor communication is centred in the "pleasure" concept, but it evolves towards a more urban and sophisticated client.

In 2011, Valor Chocolates received the "2011 European Candy Kettle Award", one of the most prestigious awards in this sector.

Valor Chocolates continues its expansion and each year, the sales abroad increase, and we are now in 50 countries worldwide.